Internet Concept: Betting Gambling Sites

The author suddenly came up with an idea while meditating before going to bed. I didn’t think it had any justice value, so I exposed it directly.

Gambling website

For example, it is designed to conduct gambling on whether public policies will actually be implemented.

For example, people gamble to guess whether it will rain tomorrow.

The game is mainly based on the uncomfortable spirit between users.

The prize can be chicken chops. The player who wants to play pre-deposits the chicken chop money, and the money of the losing party is used by the system to buy the chicken chops and distributed to the other party (try to avoid direct contact with money).

Such applications are very interesting, isn’t it? But in fact, there are a lot of direct disclosures that will be more interesting to check the water meter. Of course, from the author’s personal standpoint, I still hope to avoid being involved with gambling as much as possible, so I chose the title as gambling.

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