How to use the idea (concept)

A group of us are technical engineers, patent engineers, designers and other backgrounds. We often gather together for brainstorming, and we have a lot of association discussions and innovative inventions on the world’s great views and micro-object observations.

Thinking about it, many inspirational concepts are that we don’t have the ability or time to implement them.

It is also a waste to store up these ideas. We give up applying for patents and disclose concepts that are not relevant to our new ventures.

Those who are interested in Idea, only need to donate a sponsorship fee, and they can directly use it for secondary development.

There are many benefits to donating this money. The first is that it gives us the opportunity to make more creative ideas. Maybe the next concept of saving the earth’s environment will be born here;

The second is that we will record this sponsorship, which means that you have indeed found new ideas on this website. If you are challenged by a third-party vendor after using our concept, you can use it as a point of time evidence to file a defense with the Intellectual Property Court.


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