Epidemic locks the city: simple room design for dining and smoking

With the development of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (new crown pneumonia, COVID-19 for short), once the epidemic rages and causes the need to close communities, cities, islands or even countries, people must all stay at home in isolation while fighting together, but also need to take care of those There is no indoor empty office space to isolate themselves, but a group of people who can only work hard outdoors under the blazing sun.

Today, I saw on the news that workers at the construction site were fined by the police for taking off their masks to smoke, or because they were refused internal use and could only sit on the side of the road and eat lunch. These people can only work in an unsafe environment outside, but no one has considered their actual situation and designed a supporting plan. They can only be forced to be punished when they encounter such regulations.

Perhaps refer to the following design solution:

The mobile toilet operator can refit, install folding tables and chairs on the wall of each unit space, and then have a built-in UVC disinfection lamp. As long as you smoke inside and come out after eating, it will automatically lock for five minutes for disinfection. Use the next one inside.

Furthermore, a roll towel can be installed on the desktop, and the user can automatically unfold the next new towel for the people below to use after use.

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