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Welcome all webmasters and bloggers to join the mountos : institute Home Partner Program.(歡迎各位站長與部落客加入 mountos : institute(曼特斯研究所)家夥伴計畫(Home Partner)。)

Add our link “mountos : institute” to your website first, and then fill out the form below to inform. We will log your site information in the favorite link area of this page and share the many benefits of search engine optimization.(只要先在你的網站中加入連結資訊「曼特斯研究所(mountos : institute)」,再填寫下方表單告知。我們就會用最快速度將貴站資料登錄於本頁面的交換連結區,互享搜尋引擎最佳化(Search engine optimization,SEO)所帶來的諸多好處。)

Home Partner Websites 家夥伴網站

  1. 鷹眼觀察(Vedfolnir)
  2. Jinliang Lin
  3. a issue(問題)
  4. 一頁詩集(Poetor)
  5. 拾選(Ten Choice)
  6. 動物人(Animalan)
  7. 迷走客(Mizuc)
  8. 在日旅行(uNippon)
  9. Tamsuian(淡水人)
  10. 一切在我(All on me)


  • 為維護交換品質,我們會定期審核聯外站的內容與更新狀況,如果網站內容不符合國內法律或是PR下降,本站將不經通知即移除該站連結。In order to maintain the quality of exchanges, we will regularly review the content and update status of external sites. If the content of the site does not comply with domestic laws or the PR declines, this site will remove the site link without notice.
  • 當貴站的 PR 值達到 4 以上者,歡迎提出本交換連結的計畫申請。When the PR value of your site reaches 4 or more, please submit an application for this exchange link plan.
  • 當貴站的 PR 值達到 5 以上,並與本站性質相近者,歡迎提出全站式的夥伴計畫。When the PR value of your site reaches 5 or more, and the nature of this site is similar, welcome to propose a full-site partner plan.
  • 2014.12.25補充,由於 Google 已經不再對外公開新的 PR 值,往後申請的夥伴,我們會同時針對你的 Alexa 排名與 PR 值進行參考。2014.12.25 Supplement, since Google no longer publishes new PR values, we will apply for partners in the future and we will refer to Alexa ranking and PR values.