曼特斯研究所 mountos : institute 是一家座落於 25° 10′ 25” N 121° 26′ 26” E(Latitude 25.173965、Longitude 121.440290)淡水小鎮,結合藝術文化與科技創新的多媒體研究中心。

曼特斯研究所(mountos : institute)初創理念著重在融合人文藝術與科學技術中的新穎元素,期盼透過豐富的想像力與能夠使之實現的技術力讓大家的生活充滿感動與溫暖。

Innovation and Creativity Matters.

The Motto of MOUNTOS

mountos : institute is located in a small Tamsui Town (25° 10′ 25” N 121° 26′ 26” E), is a multimedia research center that combines art culture with technological innovation。

We hope to combine life art and science and technology to make life full of warmth and imagination.

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