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Mountos Color Pantone 108C 1805C Gray


Color is an important element of mountos : institute’s graphic identity. When you use mountos’ official colors in your communications, you reinforce your connection to the Institute.

The mountos logo was designed to be used in two colors to emphasize the seven letters. The primary color combinations are yellow and red, black and white, and black and gray, but the mountos logo may also be used in custom colors to coordinate with your department’s communications.

The mountos seal may be used in black, or white (for use on a white or black background).

Specifications for mountos’ colors

mountos’ official colors are Pantone Yellow 108C and PANTONE 1805 C and black.

Mountos Color Pantone 108C 1805C Gray
  • PANTONE 108 C
    • RGB 254 219 65
    • CMYK 0% 14% 100% 0%
  • PANTONE 1805 C
    • RGB 175 39 47
    • HEX/HTML AF272F
    • CMYK 5 96 80 22
  • GRAY
    • HEX/HTML 9E9E9E
    • HEX/HTML 3A3A3A